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Our services are customized to meet your transitional needs. Our services are as follows:

Estate Sale Services
Litchfield County Pickers can de-clutter your home and stage it if you are selling a home. We can sell the items that you are not keeping in several ways. We can have a tag/estate sale: we can sell more valuable items via internet auctions or other avenues. We can also clean out the home, and stage it for a sale. Contact us TODAY to discuss how Litchfield County Pickers can help you with your transition

  • We can take care of your entire contents of your home.
  • We place, we place professional online advertising and newspaper advertising as needed.
  • We will price your items through our knowledge, research and current market value to maximize sales.
  • We post your items to be sold on our website to maximize sales and obtain customer traffic.
  • We can sell more valuable items via internet auctions or other avenues.
  • We email our customers of your upcoming estate sale.
  • We will display and set up your items to help maximize sales.
  • We will add additional staff as needed.
  • We will place any personal items we come across such as, important papers and photographs in a designated place for safe keeping.

Other Estate Liquidation Services
We can take your entire estate if you aren’t able to or do not wish to have an estate sale on your property. Please note, not all requests for this service will be honored because of varying circumstances.

Light Home Cleaning and Repair
After the contents of your home are removed and sold, your home may need to be cleaned out. Litchfield County Pickers offers broom sweeping . A clean home sells faster than one that needs obvious repairs.


No matter if you are selling your house, downsizing or just want to clean your house of stuff Litchfield County Pickers will come in and remove all unnecessary or unwanted items and sell them either at your house via a tag sale or off site. If you do nothing else to improve the value of your house, at least de-clutter.

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